Saturday, March 1, 2008

My 2nd seocontest2008 post

After 2 weeks from my first seocontest2008 post, this will be my 2nd post for the seocontest2008. As I have said before, I chose the domain name tryseocontest2008 because I don't know if I will have to to work on this. But of course I know that I can not win, just trying my luck.

Today, I have no plans of writing for this seocontest2008 but when I saw from SEO Philippine forum that the entry of Benj seocontest2008 was already on top 1 and the rest of the members of seoph are working on their entries, I told myself why not update my entry.

Though I don't update my entry most of the time for the seocontest2008, I am always checking UKWW forum for any news with regards to this contest.

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