Saturday, February 16, 2008


Been thinking whether I will join the contest by UK Webmaster World SEO Contest which already started last February 1. I have created a post on my personal site about the said seocontest2008 few days back and today I have decided to join and try. Anyway, win or lose I know I will learn and meet new people who are experts on SEO.

Let me explain to you once again what this seocontest2008 is all about. Last Feb. 1 the UK Webmaster World had launched a contest for the keyword phrase "seocontest2008". Whoever ranks #1 in SERPs on the last day of the contest will get a prize of $1000.00 and the 3 runners up will get a consolation prize of $100.00 each.

There are only 300 participants who can join the contest and before you can do so must first register to be a member of the UKWW forum. At the moment there are only 90 participants so I can still join the seocontest2008 though I am already 16 days late and most of the entries have already done their job optimizing their entries. The contest started Feb. 1 and will end on April 1, 2008.

Let me just give you here the rules on how to join seocontest2008:

How to join SEOcontest2008:

1. Create NEW page - it can be domain, subdomain, subfolder but must be brand new with no incoming links.

2. Insert this block of code into your new page:

Code - UK Webmaster World SEO Contest

3. Go to official contest site and fill up registration form

4. Apply your best (legal) SEO techniques to achieve the best SERPs for the targeted term

Everyone will be able to see current standings on the SEO Contest page which will be updated daily.

SEOcontest2008 Contest Rules:

  • You may use a domain, folder, or sub domain as your optimised page with one criterion. The page must be brand new, no backlins no cached version
  • Every optimisation techniques are allowed except cloaking, and hiding text. We will periodically compare the optimised pages with their cached version in order to discover the cloackers, hence we kindly ask you to avoid using any kind of noarchive meta tag
  • No multiple entries are allowed - ONE URL per forum member
  • Participants are allowed to change URL but with the same requirements - at the moment of registration new url can not have any cashed version or incoming links. Old URL will be removed from database and no longer allowed to be used.
I am not hoping to win the prize but I'm sure I will win in gaining knowledge on this contest that is why I have named my entry as

This blog will be my official entry to the seocontest2008.

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harena said...

Good luck to everyone! I think this is going to be a hard contest